Needle Arts Group, Spring 2018

May 1, 2018 | Needle Arts Study Group

At the February meeting, we started our top-down Edwardian-period socks. At the March meeting, we began turning the ‘Dutch’ heels, and found we will need more time through the month to work the heels. At the April meeting, we hope to close the toes with the Kitchener stitch and take pictures of our finished socks.

We are following patterns originally published in England in 1901-1906. Modern-day author Nancy Bush has studied the Edwardian patterns, and translated them into current words and abbreviations so they are easy for us to follow. And so far, the pattern is working nicely!

One member of the group loves a yarn shop around Willows, and we discussed plans for a road trip this summer to visit the yarn shop.

After completing this sock project, the group is looking forward to studying stranded knitting color work, and completing a stranded circular project, such as a hat.

You are welcome to join us any time, even if you haven’t socks or hats to work on. Bring another project in progress, as well as a desire to expand your skills through sharing with others. Meetings are free to SCTA and SWSG members. Non-SCTA members can attend their first meeting for free, and $5 for consecutive meetings, so any nonmember friends are welcome to join us as well.