Surface Design and Mixed Media Group, Spring 2018

May 1, 2018 | Surface Design & Mixed Media Study Group

May 10: Making Twine from Fabric Scraps: Everyone who sews knows you end up with a lot of fabric scraps. Well here is a way to use them up and make something useful.

June 14: Canvas Painting Using Tissue Paper: The color of tissue paper bleeds when you get it wet, which as it turns out, looks like watercolor paint. We will explore how to use bleeding tissue paper to create this watercolor effect so you can play around with it too. It’s easy to do with stunning results.

March: We took synthetic fabrics—polyester and nylons— and heated them with a heat gun and watch them melt into a wonderful new fabric with so much texture. Fabulous right?

April: April was shibori month. The group used ®Ritt dyes on stitched, clamped and folded fabrics to get resist designs.