Art to Wear & More 2018 Wrap-up

Nov 20, 2018 | Art to Wear & More

The annual Art to Wear & More Show & Sale was again a success in 2018. We had 25 vendors—two of them were new members. Our commission for the show was $1523.29. We believe the pervasive smoke from the Camp Fire reduced attendance this year compared to past years.

Flyism Uncensored provided musical entertainment on Saturday, and long-time favorites Surface Tension played on Sunday. Food was available by Chef Pannell.

A great big thank you to Jennifer Holden for being our welcome hostess. This was her initiative, and it worked out well.

Rose Smith coordinated the prize drawings with the help of Deborah Derov and several other volunteers. Thank you all. This year, people need not be present to claim their prize item. Through Betty Davis, winners were able to pick up their prize at Yvonne Warren’s newly acquired design studio. The prizes brought in $139 for both days.

ATW applications will be available earlier next year. 2018 vendors will receive theirs in the mail in June 2019. They will also be available on the website and newsletter.

Thanks to Gloria Robertson, ATW Chairperson, for all her hard work organizing this year’s show and sale, and for this summary.