Upcycled Book Art Bracelet

Feb 18, 2019 | Beading Study Group

We had one of the largest attendance for a meeting in a long time at Bead Study this month. Five new members joined our group. We had a great time using recycled paper for a bracelet project taught by Elisa Reutinger. Elisa is a multi-talented artist who recently joined our membership and we look forward having more classes instructed by her in the future. Bracelets were made using old book pages, recycled foil food packaging, magazines, maps, and various art paper. Strips of paper were cut to size and folded into a bow shape, then threaded onto memory wire.

We also had a small group working with instructor Anne DeStefano who helped members with their beaded kumihimo bracelets from the January meeting.

Thanks to Carolyn Granados for the summary and photos.

Original meeting announcement and supply list:

Upcycled Book Art Bracelet

Elisa Reutinger will lead us in making bracelets out of books or other paper. Beads can be incorporated if desired.

Bring the following materials if you have them:

  • Large-print book pages
  • Colorful, heavy-weight magazine pages
  • Old maps or other paper
  • Paper cutter
  • Memory wire
  • Memory wire cutter
  • Chain nose pliers
  • Beads
  • Small hole puncher
  • Scissors

Show & Tell: Bring jewelry you have made out of recyclable materials!

Feel free to bring your kumihimo bracelet project to finish, or another project you want to work on.

The Beading Study Group meets on the second Tuesday of each month. Anyone is welcome to attend. SCTA and SWSG members participate for free; visitors or guests pay only $5.