Handmade Doll Art

Sep 4, 2019 | General Meetings

The September 4th SCTA meeting will feature four member artists showing and sharing their handmade doll art. Before the presentations, board members will provide status updates. Following the presentations, there will be time for questions and socializing, and a special fundraising sale of vintage kimono jackets.

Our Featured Presenters

Elisa Reutinger on Fun Art Dolls Made Out of Recyclables – Sock Dolls, Felt Dolls, & Ugly Dolls

“I create dolls that can easily be made by my students. Young or old, bringing life to a doll is magical! Most of my art dolls are made out of recyclable materials which include socks, lace, painter’s drop cloth, old sweaters, etc. The first doll I ever made was a carrot doll! Thought every kitchen should have a doll in it.”

Maria Morris on Santa Dolls – Non-Traditional and Influenced by Other Cultures

“My Santa making process includes sculpting the head and hands with Premo polymer clay, wired fingers to hold objects, boots made with clay inner core covered with leather, a cloth inner body with more wires; and handmade clothing, mohair beards and accessories. I try to make non-traditional Santas and am influenced by other cultures.”

Gloria Grandy on Pedestal Dolls, Rag Dolls and Needle Sculpted Art Dolls

“I use all cotton fabric for the bodies and some of my dolls have wooden bases and wire armatures. I create hand-painted faces as well as faceless dolls in tribute to a lot of African American art. Their fabulous hair styles are made from yarn, synthetic hair or alpaca fibers as well as recycled fabrics and trims. I am always evolving as a doll artist and my dollmaking changes as I learn new techniques.”

Sharon Tanovitz on Cloth Dolls and Armatures

“My dolls are one of a kind and ideas come from everywhere. I have also had some of my dolls in shows in the area.”

Special Members Fundraising Sale

SPECIAL Members ONLY Pricing – Vintage Silk Haori (Short Kimono) Jackets – Your choice $40.

Regular price $50-75 for the October 5 & 6 SG&AC Fall Sale and at Art to Wear. (Not an SCTA Member? Join at the meeting and take advantage of the Members Only pricing.)

This is an SCTA Fundraiser with 30 to 50 year-old silk vintage haori provided by Kyoto Kimono, www.KyotoKimono.com

Yvonne Warren modeling a vintage kimono

Come to the general meeting September 4, 2019, from 1:00 to 3:00 pm at Shepard Garden and Arts Center.