Wrapped Rope Necklaces

Nov 19, 2019 | Beading Study Group

Necklaces made from rope? Yes, this was the project for the Bead Study November meeting held at the Shepard Garden. Multi-talented artist Elisa Reutinger gave an exciting lesson on this unique form of jewelry design. Members collected beads, ribbon, and fibers from their home stashes and shared items with the entire class. The necklaces literally had no cost to make. Fibers were wrapped around a piece of rope and this is where the fun began. Necklaces were embellished with seed beads, charms, fringes, yarns, pendants, and coins. Each necklace was astonishing, unique and beautiful.

Thanks to Carolyn Granados for the photos and summary.

Original meeting announcement:

Elisa Reutinger will teach how to make a bead-wrapped rope necklace.

Elisa has experimented with various wrapping methods and is happy to share them with you at our November 12th get-together. She will bring the cording and you can bring: needle and thread, small beads, yarn, small pieces of fabric, various textured threads and a 6mm bullet end cap (brass?) to finish it off.

The Bead Study Group meets on the second Tuesday of each month. Contact Carolyn Granados if you have questions.