Needle Felting

Jan 27, 2020 | Needle Arts Study Group

Needle Felting

Elisa demo’d and then everyone needle felted a little creature …. owls, faces, cookies, abstract shapes. Easy and fun!

We used fairly fine felting needles, #28, dense foam for the needle to poke into when it comes through the felt, and wool roving of various colors. Some roving is from different sheep and spun for “wet” felting. Needle felting works best with the right type of roving.


Deborah shared her new Threads Magazine (Feb/March 2020) and talked about the highlighted artist, Sue Rangeley and her beautiful embroidery work. Luhan is painting on fabric (scarf) with a young girl and using fabric markers/paints from Blick. She also showed us her small abstract pieced work where she experimented with different paints. Suzanne joined us for the first time and is eager to do a little fiber art in addition to the book arts. She grew up with her mother spinning wool, sewing, etc. Rebecca pulled together an incredible booth for craft shows and sells mini trees, ceramic pieces, etc. Lori showed us her image transfer of flowers that she put chiffon over and is now playing with embroidery stitches on top of layers. JoEllen joined us for the first time to learn needle felting and she did …. create a beautiful owl. Amy brought her 25 million stitches project and commented how free form embroidery was enjoyable. Elisa showed her “Ode to Sashiko” quilted wall hanging she finished. Barbra mentioned she stitches every day. Very dedicated, I’d say!

Thank you Amy and Lori for bringing your extra misc. supplies to give away. We can continue this every month and swap supplies.


  • Botanica 3 Dimensional Embroidery of Julie Kniedl …. a “wow” kind of book.
  • Blog recommended for learning stitches. ….. “Mary Corbett – Needle In Thread
  • Koel Magazine …$18.50 from Barnes and Noble … all types of “trendy” fiber art

Thanks to Elisa Reutinger for the summary, and LuAnne Hansen for the photos.