Two Signature, Non-Adhesive Binding

Feb 20, 2020 | Book Arts Study Group

The Book Arts project for February will be a small, two signature book with book board, book cloth and decorative paper cover. Sharon Tanovitz will lead the class. The signatures will be sewn on directly through the book cloth spine in a decorative stitch pattern. Keith Smith literally wrote the book on these types of bindings. It’s called 1- 2- & 3-Section Sewings, Non-Adhesive Binding, Volume II.

Many of the materials will be provided but members who want to bring their own book board, book cloth may do so. Everyone should bring their own text pages and cover papers. The list of tools and materials is below.

The materials you need to bring:
Decorative paper for the cover (two pieces 7 1/2” by 4 1/8” with grain in long direction)
Paper for the inside of the cover (it can be the same as the cover or contrasting)
, two pieces 5 1/4” by 3 1/4”
Text paper for the signatures (12 sheets of 8 1/2 by 11, grain in the long direction)

Bring these items if you have them: (these will also be available in class)
Book board 2 pieces trimmed to 5 3/4” high by 4 3/8” wide with grain in long dimension
Book cloth 1 piece 3” wide by 7 1/4” long; and another 3” by 5”
Coordinating waxed linen thread

Tools and other materials to bring:
White glue (PVA or Tacky glue) and glue brush. (glue sticks are not recommended)
Old catalog/magazine or other waste paper to keep glue off the table
Small container for water (yogurt cup?) and cloth or wipes for glue cleanup
Cutting mat and cutting tool
Book binding needle
Metal edged ruler and/or plastic see-through ruler
Pencil and eraser
Bone folder
Clothes pins or masking tape

Optional tools: cradle for hole punching, Japanese hole punch, paper knife, 1/2” brass spacer bar

You don’t have to prepare your signatures before class because we want to show you another way to cut paper that produces a deckle type edge. Please let us know if you will attend and whether you want us to supply the book board and book cloth. Questions? Send LuAnne an email.