Zoom in for our September meeting!

Sep 20, 2020 | General Meetings

It will be on Thursday, September 24 at 6 pm. Watch your email for the Zoom invitation and more details.

COVID-19 has shifted live arts and crafts shows to the virtual platform. This year, our annual Art to Wear & More Show & Sale will be virtual – online. We will offer members a chance to showcase their work on our website, so people who would have come to the show will still be able to see and buy your beautiful work.

Our September speaker, Melissa Cheng, will offer help getting ready to show and sell your work online. Also, our Study Group leaders will share with you their plans to offer future classes via Zoom.

Get Ready for the SCTA Virtual Art to Wear & More Marketplace

About the meeting

Melissa will show textile artists how to create a digital identity so customers can find you easily. Learn 5 quick tips on how to create basic pages on FACEBOOK & INSTAGRAM in this 1.5 hour presentation. This is a primer course and based on feedback we may schedule an advanced course in October. For the best learning experience, you will need a laptop and a tablet. You can watch the presentation on your laptop and try to do the exercise on the iPad (or vice versa). Please have your business logo/picture, a brief description of your business/textile art, and any additional pictures you would like to share about your business saved on a separate document so you can easily copy and paste during the exercises. (See the section below about getting ready for the marketplace.)

Melissa Cheng is a Demand Generation Manager with NetApp with 15 years experience with Digital Marketing for Tech Startups & Fortune 500 companies.

About the Marketplace

The vendor online application will be live October 17. Vendors will be listed on our website starting October 24 through January 31 for easy Christmas shopping. The application fee for members is $25, and $35 for nonmembers. Vendors will be listed in the marketplace in order of application received: The sooner you list, the longer your listing will be live, and the closer to the top of the page you’ll be. You arrange all sales directly with customers, and keep all the proceeds; you do not need to pay SCTA a commission.

Get ready for the Marketplace

What preparation can you do between now and October 17? Save these in a document or folder so you can easily copy and paste into the online application.

  1. CREATE INTRO/BIO — Name of business, what is your textile arts interest, what materials do you use, what inspires you. If you like, create a brief Youtube video, 1-3 minutes long, with the same info as the intro/bio. Save link in document.
  2. TAKE PICTURES— Take pictures of various items you have made, and choose one gorgeous picture to be the face of your textile art business. Save in highest resolution possible in case you need to edit pictures prior to submission. Pay attention to the background so it shows your work well, and doesn’t distract. You could even use a photo editor or platform like Canva to remove the background and replace it with a solid color background.
  3. LIST methods to contact you: Business website, email, Facebook page name, Instagram name, etc. Save links in document.