Trunk Show!

Sep 7, 2021 | Beading Study Group

Join the bead study group on Tuesday, September 14th for our first in-person meeting since the start of the pandemic. SCTA member Dianne Nyman will present a trunk show, sharing examples of her hand-crafted wearable art and decorated bags.

Dianne provided this introduction to her presentation:

I make what I call novelty bags and purses. No two are alike. Some are large and some are very small. I use all types of fabrics: velvets, cottons, leather, wool, silks and anything else that I happen to find. I do machine embroidery, couching, felting, printing on fabric, whatever fits the space I am working on. I don’t usually use patterns; when I get an idea I just go with it, and it might turn out what I had in mind to begin with or something totally different.

The jackets I make are mostly jean jackets. Some are upcycled and some I make. I do jean jackets because there are many places to mix fabric types and to embellish. It comes from the days that I did a lot of wearable art.

I used to do a lot of beading on items that I make but due to limited eyesight I now do a lot of crystals and cross locked beads.

Come and enjoy the company of other textile artists. We will socialize safely with masks and distancing at the Shepard Garden and Arts Center at 10:30am.