Yarn Bombing Coming Soon

Jun 1, 2022 | Events

On June 7th we will again put up our beautiful yarn creations in the park area around the Shepard Garden & Art Center. We washed and stored most of the items created last year, but we want to expand our collection to give the park more pizzazz. While most of us may be hibernating at home this spring, it’s a good time to get started with our creations.

We hope all of our members and friends can contribute in some way. Last year we decided we would like to hang more buntings from tree to tree or post to post. You can crochet, knit, use fabric or whatever fiber you like to work with. Just go to Pinterest or YouTube for inspiration and instructions. The brighter the colors, the better.

Your bunting can contain any number of flags, up to 20 or 25 triangles each. I hope many of you can make more than one strand. Pompoms and tassels can also be used on the triangles or on stand alone buntings.

Some of our most eye catching items “walked away” last year, so if anyone has time to make some special items, they would be greatly appreciated (and well secured this time.)

Last but not least: We still need someone who can chair this project. Please let me know if this volunteer opportunity suits you.

By Gloria Robinson