Beginning Wire Work with Sally Nagy

Apr 9, 2023 | Beading Study Group

This month Sally Nagy will guide us as we have some fun with wire, beads and crystals. This is a beginning wire work class, but it is also fun for those with more experience. We will learn how to make a variety of bracelets and earrings using a technique similar to braiding. These can be as simple or elaborate as you choose depending on your bead choice. 

For the bracelet you will need:

  • 18 gauge craft wire
  • 24 gauge craft wire
  • 6 mm beads (can be crystal, stones, wood – whatever you choose)
  • 4 mm beads
  • An S-hook for the clasp. You can make one during class or use a purchased one

For the earrings you will need to add:

  • 4mm beads
  • Possibly some seed beads for accents
  • Ear wires


  • Chain nose pliers
  • Round nose pliers
  • Flush cutters
  • Nylon jaw pliers (optional)
  • Looper pliers (will be available in class)
  • Painters tape ( will be available in class)