March General Meeting

Sharlet Elms: A Walk Through Time With Fiber As Our Guide

Have you ever wondered about clothes of ancient peoples, did or could they dye fibers, what fibers did they use 10,000 years ago, were there embellishments, etc? There are so many questions about our ancestors and cloth rarely survives the ravages of time; and unlike scraps of pottery and metal we have little knowledge of the textiles of ancient peoples. However, there are some extraordinary finds and wonderful conjectures about the textiles used by our ancestors. Come spend an hour with Sharlet as she shares this walk through time and looks at the amazing abilities of our ancestors to utilize and even embellish the textiles they created.

Sharlet Elms is a Public Health Microbiologist by profession having worked as the Supervising Microbiologist for Placer County for more than 20 years. She is currently retired from the county but working part time for the California Department of Public Health in Richmond as the manager of the Public Health Microbiologist Training program. Her passion is weaving, and she teaches beginning and intermediate weaving to private students as well as giving talks and teaching various workshops. She has also started and continues to mentor a weaving study group for the Hangtown Guild in Placerville. When not teaching she spends time at home with her husband and 2 boxers, Lily and Milo. They enjoy traveling, reading, walking, knitting and of course weaving.


Mar 09, 2023


12:30 pm - 2:30 pm


Shepard Garden & Arts Center
3300 McKinley Blvd. Sacramento, CA 95816