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Irene’s Original

Bags & Accessories, Clothing, Home Décor

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About Irene Camerino

Irene Arevalo Camerino has been collecting obi & uchikake (wedding kimono)  for years – using them as home decor accents. She is fascinated with the traditional weaving, dyeing, embellishing, and printing techniques used in Japanese textile design such as Shibori, Yuzen REsist Dyeing, Ikat/ Kasuri, and Surihaku.  When she visited Kyoto in 2010, she saw many beautiful vintage textiles discarded in favor of the new -machine made modern fabrics, whose quality she felt was far inferior to vintage.

Being part Japanese, she wanted to preserve her heritage. So she started salvaging obi & kimono and repurposing them as clothing, accessories, and home decor. She visits Kyoto to personally choose vintage obi/ kimono, takes them apart; and from the salvageable pieces designs and sews beautiful vests, scarves, wall hangings, pillows, and purses of every size and shape.

Irene’s Original is based out of Sacramento, CA and is a popular vendor at SF Kimochi Silver Bells Arts & Crafts Faire, SF Cherry Blossom Festival and Cupertino Cherry Blossom Festivals.

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