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KelleyB’s Angora’s and T’s

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About Kelley Booker-Shelton

I’m a married mother of 7.  Married 29 years.  Retired.

I love to crochet and spend all day crafting, crocheting, or tending to my surviving rabbits.  I had a fire in June.  Lost every single craft item I owned and most of my beloved angora rabbits.

After the fire and now back in our house,  I turned my garage into my craft room and spend all day there creating and waiting for shipments from Etsy to Amazon and anywhere else I can order from!  I’m replacing all the things I lost or now anything I ever wanted..  I’m making the most of a bad situation and thank God no one was hurt.

My surviving Angoras are well and I love them more than I can express..   I’m finally able to groom them and have started collecting their wool to sell again..

Since the fire, I also started a T’Shirt business.   That’s been quite rewarding as well.

Check out my Etsy shop for your TShirt’s or follow me for updates on 100% Angora wool!!

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