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LuAnne Hansen

Bags & Accessories, Book or Paper Arts, Home Décor

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About LuAnne Hansen

I grew up making things, whether it was sewing with my mother, building houses out of sticks with my father or knitting with my grandmother. I still can’t find enough things to do with my hands, or hours in the day to make all the things that intrigue me. I have learned that nothing made by hand is ever truly perfect, and that is exactly what makes handmade items truly unique. The Japanese call it “wabi sabi.” Leonard Cohen sings that there is a crack in everything—that’s how the light gets in. Without the light, we may as well be machines.

And I have always been somewhat of an artist. But I am still looking for my perfect medium.  Drawing and painting led me to making my own sketch books. Learning to sew my own clothes led me to sewing home goods. And I learned to make the fabrics I wanted to use by printing, painting and stitching. I am learning to dye my own yarns and fabrics (but I draw the line at weaving fabric or spinning my own yarn, not that I haven’t done both of these in the past.)

My work constantly evolves as I get distracted by shiny new objects. With winter coming, I will be moving from sunprinting to block printing. Who knows what will appear next on my work table or in my Etsy store (coming soon.)

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